Can you feel it in the air? Are your senses tingling? Festival season is approaching--and with it the need for new crop-tops and flowy skirts, flower crowns and bangles. In anticipation of the spring concert wardrobe revival, H&M has released their latest collection, specifically designed for everyone migrating to Palm Springs this April for Coachella. They also called on the Atomics--the band made up of PAPER faves Lucky Blue Smith and his siblings Starlie, Pyper, and Daisy--to cover the Grass Roots' "Let's Live for Today" for the campaign.

"Coachella is a place for people to connect with others over things they are passionate about! Music, fashion, it's all about fun and enjoying life," says Starlie Smith. This April will be the Atomics first time playing Coachella, but that doesn't mean they don't have experience with festival fashion. "Be authentic to yourself and wear what makes you feel confident," Daisy Smith advises. "I would also say to wear layers so you can be comfortable at different temperatures. I don't care how amazing your outfit is, if you are too hot or too cold and miserable, it won't even matter what you are wearing!"

[youtube expand=1]

Of course, even if you're not headed to Indio this spring, you can get in the vibe. "It's cool that H&M does a Coachella collection - it's let's people who didn't get to go still feel like they are a part of the festival," Lucky Blue notes. "They can try out things they see from the festival themselves - maybe it will be more toned down, and maybe not." If you're looking for what to start with, Pyper has some suggestions: "I really love the denim and body suit, it's so comfortable!" Check out some key pieces from the collection below and shots from the campaign with the Atomics--it hits stores March 23rd.

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