photo by Beth Evans for Bompas & Parr

So breathable alcoholic drinks are a thing and a brand new bar that opened today in London is the first to offer this, um, all-encompassing alcoholic experience.
Yep, at Alcoholic Architecture, which comes from food creatives Bompas and Parr (aka the duo behind the Museum of Sex's bouncy boob castle), you'll be able to get drunk off the air you breathe. Set up in a structure at the middle of Borough Market, guests simply have to don a protective suit (to protect their clothing) and breathe.

A continuation of their "breathable gin and tonic clouds," this unique method of consumption (through your body's mucus membranes no less!) also means you'll get drunker quicker on 40% fewer calories, as the process bypasses the liver and nixes caloric cocktail add-ons. Plus, by using a 1:3 ratio of fine spirits and mixers, the experience also apparently uses powerful humidifiers to crank it up 140%, which enhances flavor perception.