Rapper/goth SMRTDEATH is treating us this time around to Cold Kiss, the final video before his upcoming mixtape release. The beautifully-styled video follows the always impeccably-styled SMRTDEATH and his band of Internet personas -- including @internetgirl, @sextingatcostco and @wolfdrawn -- across post-apocalyptic Canada, leaving us to wonder whether the group has survived or caused the end of the world. However, what's indisputable is that SMRTDEATH's apocalypse is decorated with fishnet tights, drugs, and, as director Avery Stedman writes, the unchecked "debauchery that will take over the planet once the human race has been annihilated." Or as SMRTDEATH himself says, it's "about emptiness and loneliness so we decided to explore the emptiness and loneliness of the world. The song is also key about problems getting lit, so we did that too."

Check out the video below and download the track here.

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