How much will you pay for a sheet of notebook paper someone's scribbled on? What if those scribblings were the lyrics to "The Jean Genie"? What if the scribbler were Ziggy Stardust himself, David Bowie?

Paddle 8/

Auction site Paddle 8 is betting you're willing to drop a whole lot of coin to touch a page Bowie touched. "This is the only set of complete handwritten lyrics to have come to auction," they claim about the 18-line snippet, noting that Bowie was careful to preserve most of his papers. "Jean Genie" of Aladdin Sane, was one of Bowie's biggest hits, reaching number 2 on UK charts. But is it worth the $50,000-$70,000 the auctioneers are anticipating? True, if you match that starting bid of $43,000, you can have actual proof that David Bowie wasn't super certain about the spelling of "chimney." Seems like a worthwhile investment. Or you can just listen to "The Jean Genie" below.

[h/t Dazed Digital]

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