Gerlan Jeans Was "An Expectedly Wacky Affair"

Julia Frakes

Following a stellar Fall 2009 debut hosted by Patricia Field in her personal home on the Bowery, Gerlan Jeans' sophomore presentation at the Audi Forum was a booming culmination of designer Gerlan Marcel's unconventional flair: an expectedly wacky affair chockablock with her idiosyncratic prints (past ventures of the Central Saint Martin's '00 graduate include designing kooky, colorful prints for Jeremy Scott, Calvin Klein, Barbie, and Libertine) and off-the-wall insanity. For Spring 2010, Gerlan steered toward a definite '90s SoCal vibe (think Amber's PVC/plastic dresses from Clueless), accentuated by daytime cotton streetwear recalling a distinct Clinton-era optimism and, perhaps, naiveté. Pot-leaf prints galore (played up by wicked hologram laboratory glasses seemingly ideal for Ernst Stavro Blofeld or even Dr. Julius No) and clear sky-high 'private dancer' heels may have been the most memorable motifs that I've witnessed thus far this Fashion Week. But the truly sellable high points include youthful Liberty-esque cotton floral prints perfectly fit for a romp in the sandbox, a dynamically spirited Doc Marten's collaboration, and a "yes we can" fist pump pattern befitting our current healthcare state-of-affairs.

Photos from Getty Images

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