George Romero's Diary of the Dead!

Finally out on DVD is George Romero's new meditation on his Living Dead films, Diary of the Dead, and it's pretty terrific. College film students shooting a horror movie get swept up in real terror when an epidemic of hungry corpses sweeps the nation and they head on the run recording the apocalypse for posterity. Romero is much smarter than your average zombie filmmaker. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead reflected the cultural and political landscape of their times.

Diary of the Dead is the Living Dead for the YouTube generation, and while the "hand held" business has become tiresome since Cloverfield, this film is actually about something rather than a simple stunt. My only quibble with the film is that I wish it was a tad scarier, which it certainly could have been, but there are so many other great things in it that I can't wait to watch it again anyway. Especially with the commentary by Romero, director of photography Adam Swica and editor Michael Doherty. Romero Rules!

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