Geneva Jacuzzi Makes Germanic Performance Art Synth Pop and We're Digging It

by Hobey Echlin / photographed by Annie Tritt
What began as an act of spite a decade ago when L.A.-based performance artist Geneva Jacuzzi put together a band to show up an ex-boyfriend's band at a party ("We blew them away," she says), has become a DIY discography of over 400 songs steeped in mythology, sex and banality, many with videos so '80s retro-kitsch, Blondie would be jealous.

Jacuzzi's aesthetic owes heavily to the Germanic -- emphasis on the manic -- performance art synth-pop of Gina X and Nina Hagen. Yet it still fits glamtastically between fellow L.A. lo-fi auteurs Ariel Pink (who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend) and Nite Jewel. Her 2010 album Lamaze was inspired by coaching her sister through the, yes, Jacuzzi birth of her nephew, while her upcoming full-length Gross Out, features more ominous, articulate tracks like "Casket" and "Aerosol Can." "Gross isn't gross anymore, so I'm going to tell you what gross is," she explains.

After previewing the album with a karaoke live show at Bushwick's Bossa Nova Civic Club earlier this year, Jacuzzi is poised to win converts to her next 400 songs, one sing-along at a time. "It's boring when you see a band and don't know the music. Plus," she laughs, "I'm not singing fucking old songs."

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