I'm so excited. I just read in today's TIMES that Frank Gehry is re-issuing his wiggle furniture. This is the corrugated stuff he did in the late '70s that I was obsessed with. I remember years ago, they had all this stuff at Bloomingdales and I gagged over it when I saw it. Of course, no one bought it so I kept my eye on it every week and one day it all disappeared. When I asked the salesperson where it went, they told me they shipped it off to a huge Bloomingdales sale in Paramus. I never did go to Paramus but I remember my friend Branka ended up schlepping on a bus to Paramus mall and bought a table and four chairs for 25 dollars apiece. She even schlepped it back on the bus (don't ask me how). Now, of course, the stuff is in the Museum of Modern Art and goes for tens of thousands. Maybe I'll get some of this the second time around. Photo at right is from today's New York Times.


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