Gawker Artists Presents MOM & POPism

Jake Stavis

Love the aesthetic of street art but have mixed feelings about the taboo defamation of property? Check out Gawker Artists’ new exhibition MOM & POPism, a fun and perhaps provocative reinterpretation of James and Karla Murray’s latest book, Store Front: the Disappearing Face of New York. Curator Billi Kid has blown up a number of the book’s photographs of classic storefronts on the Gawker Media roof and invited a group of twenty-eight top-notch graffiti artists to use these images as canvasses. Artists including but not limited to Blanco, Destroy & Rebuild, Lady Pink, Shiro, and “the notorious harmonious” Billi Kid himself have created a truly inspiring installation that brings into question the role of street art in our contemporary cultural landscape. Besides, it’s a rooftop affair; you know they mean business.

MOM & POPism will be open to public on Saturday, August 15th from noon to 4 p.m. Additional exhibition viewings are available by appointment throughout August.

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