While on last year's American Dream tour with LCD Soundsystem, the band's synth expert Gavin Rayna Russom made a point to connect with fellow trans and femme artists in each city they stopped. She publicly announced her gender identity in 2017, and has since used her platform to advocate for people in her community and continue important conversations about womanhood in music. While in Chicago, Russom collaborated with a group of trans and femme creatives to produce her very first independent studio portraits since coming out. She has also begun to write original poetry, handwriting her words with intimate embellishments that will later be compiled into a zine. Check out Russom's portraits and three working poems exclusively on PAPER, below.

Courtesy of Gavin Rayna Russom

The most beautiful flower
is opening inside me
bursting joy fully towards
the sun and the sky and
finally at long last after
pushing against rocky barren
Its roots are smoothly gliding
into wet rich earth
full of energetic resources
and the nurturing
of a thousand dreams
I thought had died

Courtesy of Gavin Rayna Russom

Sometimes I put my finger
through the lace
tearing it, of course
if I am honest I am
and afraid
also excited
and often in too much
of a rush

Courtesy of Gavin Rayna Russom

Don't call it a transformation
I've always been this
ever growing radical
sweet thing
through wax and wane

Don't call it a transformation
no body
stays the same we are

Don't call it a transformation
while I'm opening finally
comfortable sharing with you


Don't call it a transformation
winter yields to spring
and I am
in full swing
my everything

Don't call it a transformation
Music to my ears
as the fog clears
and the static disappears
and there's a strong
signalling the way home


Don't call it a transformation
Been here
Been beautiful
Been sweet
Been alive and full figured
Been passionate
BEEN a transformer, lady.

Photography: Colectivo Multipolar
Beauty: Kat Sass
Agga B

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Creative direction by Agusta Yr / Styling by Erika Golcher