Gandhi My Father

Father/son issues are tough enough, but imagine if your father was frigging Gandhi! Feroze Khan’s absorbing, heartbreaking, factually-based film begins in South Africa, where Gandhi was a barrister and practiced civil disobedience against British tyranny. Son Harilal (Akshaye Khanna) is desperate for his dad’s approval and yearns to study law to support his wife and children. But Gandhi expects his son to be a soldier in his fight against British rule. Harilal eventually rebels and heads back to India, desperate to strike out on his own. But he’s a royal fuck-up and, as he says, “with every failure my father wins.” The director shows how time and again Gandhi tried to make peace with his son, but unscrupulous men duped Harilal and used him for their criminal exploits, further disgracing him. Harilal dies a destitute alcoholic beggar on the streets of India. The lead actor’s weary, defeated face haunts this tragic tale.

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