Lady Gaga Announces New Song Featuring Ariana Grande

Lady Gaga Announces New Song Featuring Ariana Grande

While Chromatica's May 29 release date may feel like a world away, Little Monsters will have something big to look forward to in the interim. That's right, Lady Gaga is finally dropping another single and, even better, this one features none other than Ariana Grande.

On Friday afternoon, Gaga took to social media to post the single art and share that the track — dubbed "Rain on Me" — is set to come out next week on May 22.

And though no further details about the song were provided, what we do know is that it's a classic Gaga dance anthem, per our March cover story.

That said, as the star herself previously told us, the track is a powerful "celebration of all the tears" and talks about allowing yourself to experience devastation — a message that resonated with both Gaga and Grande as high-profile pop stars who have experienced immense trauma while in the spotlight.

"I sat with her and we talked about our lives. It's two women having a conversation about how to keep going and how to be grateful for what you do," Gaga said, before addressing the criticism surrounding celebrities saying "it's hard to be famous." Because while "75% of the world rolls their eyes," as she continued, "Yeah, you can be in a mansion, but you can still be six feet under in one."

Check out her announcement for yourself, below.

Photo via Instagram / @LadyGaga