Gabe Saporta Gives Us The Deets

by PAPER/ photo by Will Anderson
Gabe in his Slub baseball tee.

Though anything goes when it comes to rock 'n' roll, Cobrastarship front man Gabe Saporta is all about the details.

"It's the little things -- like rolling up your sleeves, tucking in your shirt or cuffing your pants --that can make a look cool ," says Saporta, who, naturally, cuffed his Gap Lived-In Skim Khaki pants for our shoot. He made his white Lived In Wash Solid Shirt look smart by hiking up the sleeves and added a skinny belt and bright running shoes to his Slub Baseball Tee and skinny jeans. Check out all three looks at here.

Gabe in his Lived-In Skim Khaki

Saporta says what he wears has been important to him, since way back when he was a thrift store-shopping punk rock teenager in the '90s. "I was always looking for a green cardigan like Kurt Cobain had," says Saporta. "And I loved stuff with stripes and cool patterns -- basically anything that was weird. You really end up putting a lot of effort into looking like you don't care."

Saporta, however, is still making that effort. Asked if his wife, fashion designer Erin Fetherston, ever gives him style advice, Saporta says his fashion sense is what initially drew her to him.

"The moment she says she fell in love with me is when I showed her some pants that I'd had pleated," Saporta laughs. "She was like, 'I have never heard of man adding pleats. Wow.'"

Gabe in his Lived In Wash Solid Shirt

Head to Gap for more.

Hair and makeup: Stephen Thevenot and Anneliese Tiecke

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