That tragic (and hilarious) saga that is Fyre Festival continues today with an official apology from the organizers. The letter is 10 paragraphs of "we really didn't think it would be this hard."

"As amazing as the islands are, the infrastructure for a festival of this magnitude needed to be built from the ground up," officials wrote. "So, we decided to literally attempt to build a city. We set up water and waste management, brought an ambulance from New York, and chartered 737 planes to shuttle our guests via 12 flights a day from Miami. We thought we were ready, but then everyone arrived."

Basically this festival was built on beautiful promises and a complete lack of understanding about what is required for an event of this size.

The organizers continue by saying all festival attendees will be refunded in full and will have VIP tickets for next year's festival (should they be so masochistic). They'll also be making a "considerable donation" to the Bahamas Red Cross Society as a thank you for stepping in when the festival fell apart.

Better luck next year, or maybe don't even try?

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