PAPER's emo rap favorite F. Virtue (aka Will Kowall) is back again this month, though this time he's bringing something a little heavier than usual with the salient, introspective message of "Protective Spells," taken from the forthcoming The Things I'd Talk To Harry About.

The Steel Tipped Dove-produced track is about the painful experience of watching someone you love go down a destructive path, specifically when it involves mental disorders and drug addiction. "Because in the end, all we can do is always be there and do our best to support," Kowall tells us, "but it all comes down to the person going through it to get themselves out." A deep-set sadness that's exemplified by poignant lines like, "I wish true love was magic in real life like in fairy tales, so I could just hug you off your scary trail. I still tried it. I failed," it's a feeling that's familiar to anyone who's lost someone dear to mental illness.

Listen to the track in full below for maximum feels.

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