Ok, can somebody please come collect Future? Today the Atlanta rapper/broken man continued his campaign for 'worst ex ever' with a nasty track about his former fiancée and current co-parent, Ciara, entitled, "How It Feel." The song, produced by Mike WiLL Made It, is a third in an ugly trilogy of salted earth Ciara diss tracks, that includes "Juice" (in which he threatens to murder Ciara's current husband Russell Wilson) and "Just Like Bruddas." You would think that the fact that Ciara is currently suing him for slander and libel to the tune of $15M would be a deterrent to this kind of behavior, but true pettiness always finds a way. On "How It Feel," in the midst of detailing his debauched/anaesthetized lifestyle, Future calls Russell Wilson a "bitch," elaborates on his gun collection, and takes credit for Ciara's career (he co-produced her 2013 hit, "Body Party):

I made you, bitch
Bitch you was never for me
I gave you fame on the 'gram
I put you back on the charts
I got your number one spot
Fuck all you bitches I buy you all
Fuck all you bitches, you shit to me
Fuck all you bitches you know young Future
Me and young Mike here wrote history
We got you bitches some hits
We told your bitch you the shit
I got your bitch a number one
Then I gave that bitch the dick
Fuck all you hoes on a hoe
I gave a bitch to another n*gga
I go and get me another bitch
I go and buy me another car
I go and buy me another house
I go and get me some better mouth
I go and buy me some better mouth.

Charming. We all love Dirty Sprite 2 but this has got to stop.

Listen to "How It Feel" below...

[h/t Stereogum]

Splash image: BFA

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