Furiously Entertaining Documentary: Not Quite Hollywood!

Look for the opening of the furiously entertaining documentary by Mark Hartley: Not Quite Hollywood about Australia’s exploitation films. “No one shoots cars better than Ozzies” says fanboy Quentin Tarantino when commenting on the films from down under. And he’s right. Watching scenes from George Miller’s Mad Max with the cameraman strapped behind the rider of a motorcycle and shooting crazed stunts without permits, the dizzy craziness and verve of these directors shine through. Government assistance to the burgeoning film industry in the 1970s spawned many genre movies (which could be exported to America). Breasts, beer, blood, Barry Humphries, fast cars, kangaroos, killings and kooky humor, made these movies uniquely Australian. You may need a pen to jot down some fascinating entries- Long Weekend, Strange Behavior, Patrick, Turkey Shoot- all live up to their hype. Funny as hell, this entertaining documentary has directors and stars reminiscing on the hazy crazy days and will make you wish there was some kind of equivalent today.

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