Jesus christ. [ FYouNoFMe]

He's back! [ArtHoe]

Here is a video of a chicken named James riding a Roomba. [ TastefullyOffensive]

Happy Thanksgiving! [ Mlkshk]

This is the look. [ Mlkshk]

Sometimes thoughts are not texts. [ AfternoonSnoozeButton]

:( [ Coinfarts]

Play on repeat until you become Goat Shark. [ AfternoonSnoozeButton]

"Are you ovulating or something?" [ ZackTheBrown]

P.S. This post is real.

Who is he. [ FYeahDementia]

Sob! [


Better to be realistic. [IRaffIRuse]

Essential River Dancing Parrot. [ Christopher Benek]

Every umbrella we've ever bought at a deli. [ ThatsSoModeratelyRaven]

A baby pygmy goat with a tiny wagging tail learns how to hop. [ TastefullyOffensive]

Totally. [ LaughterKey]

Always be this dog. [ ThatsSoModeratelyRaven]

Scream forever. [ Red6]

And he could give zero fucks about this gravitational triumph, too. Stop making a big deal about it. [ FYeahDementia]

Totally Ariel in the upper left. [ ThatsSoModeratelyRaven]

Have a great Sunday! [ LaughterKey]

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