Text this to 5 people today or you'll never be a Butterfly Princess With Tude. [ NikkiLipstick]

Adele saves a horrible Thanksgiving on SNL. [Papermag]

Joseph Gordon Levitt performed "Rhythm Nation" on Lip Sync Battle and it was art. Skip ahead to the 2:04 mark to see Jo Go-Lev set fire to the rain. [ TastefullyOffensive]

Ok. [ Cher]

Let the eagle soar and just watch tv in bed all day. Everything is so hard. [ Neverr]

When you're a kitten and you kitten too hard. [TastefullyOffensive]

Correct. [ Observando]

This woman in England knits tiny sweaters for her rescue chickens when it gets too cold out and they're just amazing. Best quote: "There's no problem with putting the jumpers on. They just stand there and do everything they should be doing as a chicken." [ TastefullyOffensive]

Words to live by. [Ianstagram]

Where is the lie. [IggyMinaj]

Same. [Mlkshk]

:( [PenisHilton]

And, honestly, Isabella is the only who tried with her response. You can only be thankful for Ms. Clary so many times. [Mlkshk]

Do you, Britney. Do you. [BritneySpears]

Have a blessed Sunday. [ Thugilly]

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