Who would have thunk that the artist Jean Michel Basquait would have his own sneaker collaboration. Well, I guess it's not really a collaboration as the stylish junkie who was Jean Michel has been deceased for many, many years now. Reebok will be releasing this cool kick next month. In real life, Jean Michel didn't wear sneakers much.  In fact, in his later years he favored beautifully tailored Comme des Garcons suits which he usually wore with some sort of brogue or loafer with no socks and if he did wear sneakers it would be really, really plain white (boating) ones, but never anything with logos or art on it. Mostly, Jean Michel loved nothing more than to paint barefoot in his $3000 suit. I'd always see him riding his little fold-up bike around inside his favorite shop, Comme des Garcons, on Wooster Street (where the Barneys coop is now). He would flirt with all the sales girls and then drop a few thou on some threads. It's funny to see how these things turn out. (Or turn inside out, I should say.)


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