Fucked Up to Celebrate Album Release With Epic 12-Hour Show

Lisa Moon

Ferocious yet melodic, influenced yet inventive Canadian band Fucked Up defy all norms. Like the fact that they've been around for seven years and have just gotten their act together to drop their first album! To mark this miraculous event, these boys of troublemaking hardcore fame are dropping in for an out of control TWELVE HOUR SHOW at the Rogan store and are to be joined by... Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend?! This may be the one of the most unexpected collabs to date. "Upper West Side Soweto" band Vampire Weekend is one of this year's buzziest bands and their tunes are a catchy musical riot of African beats and new wave, while Fucked Up has long maintained their rep for creating, well, a riot (see image above, to get an idea of what their live shows are like). The latter promises utter widespread panic during their lengthy show and as for Ezra's hardcore debut, even his GF says it's "kind of a hilarious thing."

Other guests to rock this absurdly amazing set include comedian David Cross, The Edge (of U2!), Senegalese hip hop crooner Akon, MOBB DEEP, Chris Doherty formerly of Gang Green, Gods & Queens, Ryan Sawyer from Tall Firs and the ubiquitous on-the-up-and-up Vivian Girls. Plus, there's nothing like free 40s to entice a debauched crowd. Yes, we know, it's out of hand -- see you there!

330 Bowery
2 p.m.-2 a.m.

Photo by Rebecca Smeyne

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