Front Row Report: Mr. Mickey Loves Malo!

It's no secret that Mr. Mickey is a magpie and loves a little sparkle, so it's no surpise that he's living for the Malo show. Malo is a classic Italian knitwear company that you cashmere queens know and love. Well they have two super hip and up 'n'coming Italian designers, Tomasso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, who have their own line 6267. MM has no idea what the numbers mean but the kids won an Italian Vogue Award so they must be great!

Anyhoo, the Malo collection was luxurious and rich -- it's Italian after all! But the shapes were just what a hip young glamour girl loves. Jackets with bracelet-length sleeves, kimono style dresses. Yum. And the sparkles certainly helped. Move over Michael Kors -- Mr. Mickey has a new co-favorite show of Fashion Week!!!

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