Friday Superlatives: The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Most Reassuring Sign That Anything -- ANYTHING -- Can Happen: Kimye made the cover of Vogue. Yes, Kim Kardashian of sex tape, reality TV and Paris Hilton BFF-fame is on the cover of Vogue. Take that, haters.  -- Maggie Dolan

"Most Impressive Celebrity" of the Week: Mary-Kate Olsen. Though it's taken her some time, the Olsen twin has finally figured out how to use a hairbrush. When Elle asked her to dish her beauty secrets she replied, "The truth is, I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week." You go, girl. [Via The Cut] -- Gabby Bess

Best "Will Make You Cry in Under 40 Seconds" of the Week: READY, SET, GO NOPE I ALREADY LOST. --TCM

Best Spring Has Sprung Video of the Week: This one, by The Younger Lovers. Quintessential summer fun. This song is the JAM. -- E.T.

Best-Named Art-Show We're Gonna Check Out Next Month: "Nude Dudes" by Rene Smith, featuring nude portraits of... dudes and opening April 18th at Storefront Ten Eyck.  --E.T.

Best red lipstick of the week: Rita Ora's on our April cover. Perfection. A+ 100% thumbs up emoji party hat confetti. --E.T.

Best "How Old People React to this New Thing" Video of the Week:  Aww so adorable to see a grandpa looking out for his grandson's cock like this!!!! -- TCM

Best Use of #longhairdontcare: Madonna 'grammed a photo of her hairy armpit. (Except it looks drawn on, right?)  -- M.D

Best Foreign YouTube Video of the Week:  IT'S ITALIAN SISTER ACT, GIRLFRIEND. --TCM 

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