Frank Ocean's "Swim Good" Is Our Music Video of the Day

Gary Pini

OK, this isn't really a music video (or even a video at all) unless you count the scene change from an orange BMW  to a white one at about 2:40 and then back to the orange one at 3:25.  "Swim Good" is, on the other hand, one killer song that deserves your attention. It's by Frank Ocean (ne' Christopher "Lonny" Breaux), a member/mentor of OFWGKTA who has been writing hit songs for other artists and recently released a free mixtape called Nostalgia Ultra on DefJam.  He includes lots of cool effects, melodies and samples including the Eagles' "Hotel California" and MGMT's "Electric Feel."  If you like Frank Ocean, you should also check out  Canadian artists The Weeknd (featuring singer Abel Tesfaye) who just released their own free mixtape, House of Balloons, but we'll talk about this more on oldie-but-goodie Friday.

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