Fractured By Fracture!

Out on DVD this week from New Line is Fracture, a twisty thriller that I really kind of enjoyed. It stars Anthony Hopkins as a wealthy, wily, man who kills his wife, admits to it, and Ryan Gosling plays a cocky DA who assumes his last job before joining a prestigious law firm will be a slam dunk. But somehow that doesn't happen. Gosling is one of those actors that I watch with increasing pleasure -- he is so dynamic and thrilling on screen, I just love him. Hopkins is in full-out "Silence Of The Hams" mode, but what I liked about this mystery (directed by Gregory Hoblit) is that it doesn't cheat with some wild preposterous ending. The twist is believable and isn't out of left field. It's wild to watch how many "alternative endings" are on the disc because the one they used is so simple and direct and really works. It's fascinating to watch the other choices -- especially since they give Hopkins more room to chew the drapes. But it's a decent, fun thriller.

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