The news of consummate goblin-graverobber/crime show host Nancy Grace's bow-out from her homebase of HLN this October sent shockwaves through the internet, with people both celebrating the end of her puritanical reign, and mourning the end of her morbid, truly unbelievable hashtags.







...just a few in a long, grand tradition of glory-horror.

No one seemed more thrilled to hear of Grace's departure, however, than New York writer/comedian/ my new personal hero, Mary Cella, who confirmed the longstanding rumors that Ms. Grace is an absolute tarantula nightmare to work for.

Mary began with a more opaque celebratory statement:

Then got a liiiiittle more specific:

The wrath of Nancy is pure and true!

Mary continued...




PNTSD (Post Nancy Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Waffle demon.

She signed, sealed, and delivered it with this equally tragic, and truly "wow" conclusion:

Mary, we are truly speechless, and bow down to you.


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