Here are a couple of new spots I've recently discovered that I think are amazing. One is a little shop around the corner from my house that I noticed the other day called Fight Club at 254 Greene St. (between 8th Street and Waverly). This place is a sneaker consignment shop that sells collectible stuff that's amazing. Plus they have a  really amazing site/shop on line, This whole vintage sneaker business is HUGE. People buy the stuff and throw it online to sell for huge profits...especially the limited edition artist colabs. Another amazing site that I came across is called freshnessmag where you can find all the sneaker news and limited edition releases so you can be on top of your game. God knows, you have to be an idiot to buy these things just to wear these days. Theres lots of dough in the resale. Check out Futura's brand new Nikes that were released at RECON (a shop co-owned by Futura and Stash) in San Francisco on December 23rd. (see photo here) I wonder if they're all sold out yet. I'm an idiot and love to buy these sneakers to wear. I bought a pair of the Os Gesmos (Brazilian artists) sneakers that Nike did a year ago and now they're wrecked. (They are probably worth thousands on line at this point!)


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