For All Of Your Iggy Pop Action Figure Needs

Elizabeth Thompson
Iggy Pop's always struck us as being a touch superhuman -- the man withstood years of serious drug addiction, has like zero percent body fat and still has as much energy on stage as performers a third of his age. Therefore, we approve of him being immortalized in this rather terrifying, but mostly hilarious, action figure from NECA. It retails for $14.99, comes with a microphone and is surprisingly life-like. (In other words, don't be surprised if he gets your Mrs. Potato Head pregnant.) You can already buy the dolls on Amazon, and they'll soon be available for purchase on the Toys "R" Us website. Set Iggy on the shelf next to your Ozzy action figure, write NECA and ask them to relase a Steven Tyler doll, and soon your personal "Hard Livin' Heroes" gang will be complete!

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