Talk about a food fight, because it looks as if the new parody Instagram haute du jour is putting celebrities in food, and a couple of Instagram accounts are beginning to squabble over matters pertaining to intellectual property -- if you can call placing famous faces in food an artistic innovation, that is.

Recently, an account called " Celebrities In Ramen," which, uh well, artfully Photoshops celebrities into bowls of piping hot chashu and kamaboko, started making the blog rounds thanks to their carefully-placed cut-outs of Prince William snorkeling amongst scallions and Queen RiRi emerging from the rich, porky depths of a fatty tonkatsu broth. And like most of these photos are pretty good, with a few of our favorites incorporating the likes of Banksy, Mama Ru and a pretty shady Putin post that has him lurking and us LOL-ing.

And while the creator of the Celebrities in Ramen account (one Josh Josh Jones) says he "got pretty drunk and came up with an idea two weeks ago," a competitor doing a similar thing is apparently annoyed that the "three week old" Celebrities in Ramen has been getting all the shine.

Yep, one " Celebs in Food" account, who looks to been at the same game for almost a year now, posted a screencap of one of Jones' ramengrams, following up with a snarky "from now on, my feed is only going to be public dickhead number one Piers Morgan in or around ramen noodles" thing. Ooof.

And while Celebs in Foods' approach is a tad more dadaist, I guess there are similarities present. Only one thing is for sure though, and that's the fact that I'm definitely getting a spicy miso bowl for lunch. Bye.

[h/t It's Nice That]

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