Putting forth a strong contender for song of the summer, perpetual California dream girl Bridgit Mendler and alt-RnB talent Pell's duet "Can't Bring This Down" is a union one could only dream of.

The pop princess who waded her way into the cultural conscious with hit record "Ready or Not" is back with a track that's just as memorable and comes with the soothing, psychedelic visuals to match. Bridgit and Pell float on a rippling bed of water, then rest in the clouds, a bewildering concept Bridgit says was to express the "disorienting effect of emotions" when you fall in love.

"With Pell and I in this video, you can't tell which way down is," she says. "When you fall for someone, you fall upwards into an emotional high. It was easy and fun to shoot this video because when I work with Pell, he is always game to try out ideas. It makes creativity boundless."

Pell agrees that working with Bridgit feels "effortless," and says to him "Can't Bring This Down" represents what it feels like to totally give yourself over to another person.

"The song reminds me of how good it can feel when you don't hold down your feelings, and also how fun it can be giving into them."

Watch the video below and maybe text back that guy you've been ghosting.