UPDATE: Twigs shared some footage and photos from her highly attended free dancing workshop in Baltimore yesterday, and it looked BUMPIN.



FKA Twigs is showing that those who can, can also teach, by hosting a dance workshop tomorrow in Baltimore, Maryland.

The musician/dancer/filmmaker/alien siren-prophet took to Twitter to give word to us mortals that Twigs discipleship is OPEN, and its picked Charm City as the bridge between us.


She added that the class is FIVE DAMN HOURS.

Twigs also added that some civilian dancers from the class will be asked to join her during her performance at Baltimore's Pier 6 venue on Wednesday.


Part of wants to head down, one because it's free, and two because since I first watched this video two years ago, I've thought about walking into any/all restaurants/bars/Walgreens in the same exact way:

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