Five Places for a Shave, a Shampoo and a Cocktail

Leslie Pariseau

Sometimes a trim and a shave just won't cut it (all puns intended). Occasionally one expects additional services. The debaucherous kind. By which we mean cocktails, of course. Gentlemen, here we've rounded up a few of the city's best sipping and snipping experiences. We can't vouch for sober stylists, but we bet they're pretty good either way.

Blind Barber: The blue and red barber pole will let you know you've found the bar. Though you won't see it, know it's just behind the whitewashed shop, and that a cocktail will arrive shortly as you're trimmed, shaved and back into the world clean cut (and slightly buzzed).

Erica Fleischman: Owned and run by women, Erica Fleischman is a scraggly single man's dream. Try the Signature Beer Rinse, which includes a scalp massage and a shampoo. All you have to do is show up, sip a Scotch and let the ladies work their magic. They're always right, after all. 

Moustache Tonsorial & Tattoo: Less for the ladies, more for the gents, Moustache will set you up with a beer and a hot shave within a taxidermy laden bare bones barber shop. Ladies, if you'd like to come along, sip your drink in the corner and ogle the barber (subtly). 

Persons of Interest: This little Carroll Gardens shop has the original chairs from the previous tenant, Sal's Barbershop, and carries on the gentlemanly grooming tradition with a cooler stocked full of Brooklyn Lager. Cuts are super affordable, and pretty darn spiffy (judging by the lookers we've seen walking out).

Salon 13: If your salon was a living room, it would be here. Swill whiskey, order delivery, plug in your iPod. Almost anything flies. But sit still while you shovel with the chopsticks. We'd hate to see your pretty mop go uneven. 

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