Five Ordinary-Folk Parody Accounts to Follow on Twitter

by Katie Notopoulos

The world doesn't need another @GrumpyCatPope parody Twitter account's take on the Super Bowl. These Twitter accounts tweet as if they're ordinary people who might actually exist in our world, which is the funniest parody of all. Below, five highly recommended follows for when you need a little breath of fake air in your Twitter feed:

A gym manager who speaks in disjointed soundbytes like "Come on bro" and "When you think you're all warmed up you let me know."

An angry teenager obsessed with anime, which is somehow funnier than it sounds. Baseball player Brandon McCarthy occasionally gets into fake Twitter fights with him.

A dad learning the Internet. Best tweet: "I love my family but first and foremost I am a blogger not a dad."

A normal guy shares his thoughts on current news and weather. He's a dystopian hellscape version of your most boring friend.

Real news stories about Floridians doing insane things. Sample: "Florida Man Blames DUI On Pet Squirrel He Keeps In His Shirt."

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