Five Minutes with Michael Saiger of Miansai Jewelry

Zandile Blay

I adhere to the highest journalistic standards and as such only write about products with ingenious design, luxurious materials and amazing price points. Or ones launched by really sexy, attractive, worldly 23-year-olds. Case in point: Miansai Jewelry. The men's accessories line launched by native New Yorker Michael Andrew Saiger has been building buzz for it's World War I inspired, antique style rings, bracelets and pendants. I tracked him down to Miami, where he's currently based, to explore important issues like what inspires his design, his business model and why he's so hot.

Let’s cut to the chase: you are very hot! Does that ever hurt or help in business dealings?
Thanks! Who’s asking? I do not necessarily believe my looks have added nor taken away from my success. My jewelry is bold enough to stand out on its own –- it speaks for itself.

Where does your passion from jewelry design come from?
My passion comes from antiquing with my mother as a child, which I still do to this day. Growing up in a household of all women I found there was an absence in unisex jewelry, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and create jewelry for all.

Do you see your business as a cool project for now? Or something you will still be passionate about in the future?
I am an entrepreneur and have been fortunate enough to turn my hobby/passion into a business. This is definitely not just a cool project, but rather something I will pursue for a very long time.

There are lots of amazing jewelry collections out there, especially for men, why should anyone care about yours?
We pride ourselves on using unconventional methods in creating and finishing each piece. We produce everything in the USA, which definitely believe speaks to the male audience I believe.

Besides designing jewelry what else floats your creative boat?
When not designing most of my free time is spent surfing, running and biking. Being outdoors definitely gets my creative energy flowing.

So we know you are a native New Yorker? Why the heck did you leave? And why Miami?
I went to school at University of Miami and who would turn down four years on the beach? While in school I started my company and it was established by the time I graduated. I am working on bringing MIANSAI to NY when the timing is right. In the meantime I travel north a lot to spend time with my family and three dogs; Bambu, Doobie, and Munchie.

So we have to ask this for all the single ladies reading this (or at least the single lady writing this…) Are you single?
Yeah, I am single. Ladies, my email is

What does it take to get your attention and steal your heart?
I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. A girl that is down to earth, active, carefree, secure and someone who brings something to the table would get my attention, but let me say that’s pretty hard to come across in Miami.

Miansai is available at Blue and Cream, What Goes Around Comes Around and Fred Segal. Pieces range from $65 to $2500. Log on to to learn more.

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