Five Incredible Dark Make-Up Instagrams To Follow

Five Incredible Dark Make-Up Instagrams To Follow

Drawing inspiration from drag, goth and horror.

Let's face it, while there are plenty of bronzer babes on Instagram, what's more rare is a glimpse at something a tad more ghoulish haunting your feed. For those of you who favor faces that lean toward the dark or goth side, we rounded up a list of five of our favorite accounts taking their eyeliner game to the next level. From the strikingly monochromatic to the maniacally colorful, these accounts are taking the idea of "twisted" to a whole new level, incorporating elements of goth, drag and horror to create powerful, bizarre one-of-a-kind looks. Check out our top picks below.


Always equipped with a pair of their signature whiteout zombie contact lenses, @vforvoid's looks run the gamut from classic Marilyn Manson to mesmerizing Bioshock chic. Known for their penchant for being one of the few artists utilizing the written word in their work, their posts will make you believe that you can survive a post-apocalyptic world and look incredible while you do it.


For something a little more macabre, we give you New Orleans-based make-up artist @nikkialexis_, who has a special penchant for the horror, gore-friendly SFX side of things. Case in point: her series of incredible cut-up eyelash looks, which pair everyday objects like string and feathers with a little bit of visceral gruesomeness and a whole lot of gloss.


You probably know Caleb Morris, better known on the Internet as @girlacne, for their taboo-leaning, drag-indebted looks that play with unusual shapes, shades and conceptual ideas. One of Instagram's most fearless make-up accounts, the young contour guru can already count the likes of Kat Von D, FKA twigs and Brooke Candy as fans, and from just a cursory scroll of their account you'll be able to see why.


@casperblaise aka 19-year-old artist Reygan Putman takes clown horror chic to a whole new level with her cirque du freak-inspired looks. Extremely talented when it comes to audacious, in-your-face colors and a helluva lot of blush, her account is screamworthy good.


And for those of you who crave a classic post-punk goth look à la Sandman and Siouxsie and the Banshees, we bring you 25-year-old Swede @LouiseLaFantasma. For those of you who favor sharp lines and geometric shapes to blending and brow covers, she's the perfect aesthetic inspiration, seeing as how she sure knows her way around a stick of eyeliner.

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