Temporary tats are great and all, but if you're looking to take your obsession with our favorite Bad Gal to the next level, today is your day: The singer now has a forthcoming clothing clothing line called...$CHOOL KIlls.

According to initial reports, $CHOOL KIlls was registered as a New York LLC last month and will start by selling leather goods before moving onto clothing. And while we don't have much more than that, a source said that Rihanna "will continue to release singles and albums, but she's had plans in place to expand in other areas like fashion, for a good few years now." Yeah, that's right. If you missed out on her River Island collection with Adam Selman, here's your second chance.

Dare we hope for some mid-range see-thru garms? Affordable Canadian tuxedo two-pieces? A pool of Met Gala-inspired realness? Only time will tell...

h/t i-D