Festival Cuteness From Fruition Las Vegas

by Gabby Bess

Coachella isn't just a festival, it's a culture -- so if you're heading out to the valley this year, try not to look like a total narc. A few pieces from one of our favorite stores -- Fruition Las Vegas -- caught our eye.

YUMs (Young Urban Males) can vibe out in an eagle-soaring-over-the-sunset graphic tee or a Stussy bucket hat while chics can enjoy crop tops, Levis distressed hot pants and RTH beads.

Just think: if Jimmy Kimmel is still out to catch festival goers lying about loving fake Coachella bands, millions of people will be in awe of your impeccable style when the video goes viral.

Check out the rest of Fruition Las Vegas' wolf-embellished festival wear here

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