Prominent Ferguson activist Darren Seals, 29, was found dead early Tuesday morning, according to the New York Times.

Seals' body was found in a burning car in Riverside, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Seals had also suffered gunshot wounds. Though the St. Louis County Police Department is treating the case as a homicide, there are currently no suspects.

Seals was one of the first leaders of the protest movement in Ferguson sparked by the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown (and the subsequent acquittal of the officers who shot and killed him). Seals stood with Michael Brown's mother outside the Ferguson Police Department when the non-indictment of the officers was first announced.

He told in an interview that the grand jury decision was "the ultimate slap in the face," adding, "and for Mike Brown's mother to be right there in my arms crying — she literally cried in my arms — it was like I felt her soul crying," he said. "It's a different type of crying. I've seen people crying, but she was really hurt. And it hurt me. It hurt all of us."

Seals took issue with Black Lives Matter, the movement that sprang up around the nation following the protests in Ferguson.

Seals led protests with the group Hands Up United, focusing on drawing black Americans to the polls.

Seals discouraged black voters against blindly voting for Democratic candidates. "Just because they've got the D next to their name, that don't mean nothing," he told the Washington Post in October 2014. "The world is watching us right now. It's time to send a message of our power."

An outpouring of support for Seals on Twitter highlights his impact and influence:

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