On Wednesday night, another project that the world doesn't need was announced: a gender-flipped remake of the classic Lord of the Flies film, in which the stranded children will all be female.

What's more, the film will be made by two men, Scott McGehee and David Seigel, according to Deadline. The duo signed a deal with Warner Brothers to remake William Golding's 1954 novel (and 1963 film). In both, a group of boys stranded on an island attempt to form a civilization of their own before devolving into violent power struggles and brutal chaos.

McGehee said he and Siegel were "taking the opportunity to tell it in a way it hasn't been told before, with girls rather than boys, [which] shifts things in a way that might help people see the story anew."

Traditionally male-casted films like Ghostbusters and Oceans 8 have made a positive (though contentious) cultural splash in the past couple years, but people on Twitter were quick to point out that an all-girl Lord of the Flies remake (made by two men, no less) wasn't a constructive contribution in the same way those other films were.

The concerns echoed a similar debate surrounding the announcement of HBO's forthcoming series Confederate, in which the two white Game of Thrones creators (aided by two black writers) will imagine a world in which the Union didn't win the Civil War and slavery still exists in the South (aka, a white supremacist fever dream).

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