Feist and Co. on Letterman, Plus After-Party Fun!

Emily Nerad

In case there's anyone out there in the interweb universe who has yet to view this video of Feist's performance on last night's Letterman, we IMPLORE you to click here. Backed by an all-star indie rock choir, including The New Pornographers' Carl Newman, Nicole Atkins, Grizzly Bear, and members of Broken Social Scene and The National, Feist belts out an amazingly sweet rendition of "1234."

While I wasn't lucky enough to see this spectacle live, I happened to stumble upon the very unofficial post-performance soiree at Piano's. Sadly, the lady of the hour was not in attendance, but the majority of the choir was, including Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste still in full on white-on-white (which by the way, I thought was a great look). Rock n' Roll Trivia for the evening was emceed by Takka Takka's Conrad Doucette, Nicole Atkins and The National's Bryan and Scott Devendorf. AC Newman dominated the trivia portion of the evening, and I was eventually forced to throw in the towel, scoring a measly 30 points on their ridiculously obscure questions.

Party favors were passed, and trivia evolved into a dance party while the venue set up for karaoke. As I passed out party favors -- matching headbands for all -- I secretly hoped we'd all stick around for an all-star karaoke jam, but no such luck. We disbanded with high fives and hugs.

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