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Venus by XHOSA and Hattie Ball

XHOSA is a genre-bending artist and producer equally at home in the art and music worlds. The New York City bred multi-instrumentalist and beat maker draws from hip hop, post-punk, R&B to create a futurist fusion of sounds. Along with her potent lyrics and smooth vocals, she uses honest, positive, and raw messages to try to uplift and inspire others. XHOSA doesn't believe in confining herself to just one musical genre; instead, her goal is to create music that feels universal yet authentic. She is currently working on a 6-track EP entitled Missleading, coming out this year.

Hattie Ball creates virtual environments inspired by both physical experiences, and reconstructive storytelling in the digital age. The game-like journeys intend to evoke an alternative sense of place and experience. The idea of wandering between physical and virtual worlds examines how the balance between analytical and intuitive experience is transforming as our 'sense of place' continues to expand into virtual realms. When collaborating with other artists or musicians, she acts as a digital messenger, intending to translate their experiences and messages into a virtual experience, giving them an infinite life as digital matter.

Hattie and XHOSA first met through mutual collaborator Dos Global. They first came together to create the video for VENUS, an all around multimedia performance piece. In live performance, the pitch of the vocals shift the projections made by Hattie using a program built by XHOSA on MAX/MSP/JITTER.

Ever since, they two have been great friends and have continued to collaborate. Both artists are especially interested in contrasting hyper futuristic imagery with natural landscapes.

Now, XHOSA and Hattie debut their two newest multimedia singles, Feel Real and Rawww:

Feel Real by XHOSA and Hattie Ball

“I wrote Feel Real when I was 15 about my first experiences smoking weed," XHOSA says. “The first few times were so intense it felt like I was entering a new reality. At the same time I felt more alive than ever. It was surreal and I had to write about it."

Rawww by XHOSA and Hattie Ball

XHOSA says, “Rawww is one of my most minimal tracks and I think its simplicity has attracted most of its attention."

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