Fear(s) Of The Dark!

Opening this week is Fear(s) of the Dark (IFC Films), an innovative animated horror anthology created by six renowned comic artists and graphic novelists. The bold, stark, black and white look of it offsets the creepy stories. My favorite is by Charles Burns' about a science-obsessed boy who looks for strange insects in the woods. He finds one and brings it home but it magages to escape. However, the boy forever hears it within his bed. Years later at college he brings a date home and they make love in the same bed he had transported from home with startling and dire results. This insect-love fright tale is intermixed with a story about a bullied Japanese girl who gets possessed by the spirit of a ghostly samurai -- a fearsome beast that lives in the marshes -- and the tale of a man wandering the frigid wilderness who breaks into a house only to find it is not unoccupied. There is also a interweaving fable of a sadistic noblemen wandering with a pack of growling dogs and unleashing them on unsuspecting villagers. Trust me, he gets his just desserts.

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