Parker Posey is undeniably sexy and archly funny in Hal Hartley's (sort-of) sequel to Henry Fool. Fay Grim (Posey), a Queens-based mother, is dealing with a rebellious 14-year-old, the disappearance of her husband, Henry Fool (Thomas Jay Ryan), seven years prior, and her prize-winning poet brother Simon (James Urbaniak), who is still in jail for helping Henry flee the country. A CIA agent (Jeff Goldblum) pops up to suggest that Fay travel to Paris to retrieve the notebook “confessions” of her husband (whom he claims is dead) because they contain coded messages with severe political implications. Her crackpot odyssey, filled with political intrigue, plays like a satiric Syriana with everyone delivering dialogue in flat deadpan style while seemingly on the edge of hysteria. Hartley's film is cleverly offbeat and surprisingly tender as Fay races off to Istanbul in search of her mysterious, mythic husband.

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