This morning, Father John Misty released the music video for his latest single "I Love You, Honeybear." The track, which also bears the name of his acclaimed sophomore album, tells the story of two lovers who rely on love when all goes to shit. It was co-written by frontman Josh Tillman along with his wife, Emma.

The video begins by showing a couple (who are both paramedics, played by comedian Brett Gelman and Susan Traylor) getting high and drunk in the back of an ambulance. Interspersed are clips of Tillman and his significant other, who are angelically passed out in their empty mansion after a gas leak. There's spooky paintings, chandeliers, and an impending sense of doom as the medics frantically try to revive the couple with a defibrillator. But it's too late for FJM's love, and in a reverse Jack-and-Rose dream sequence, she swims away as he's strapped to a gurney.

Anyway, hope you're having a happy Monday!