Fast-Paced, Amusing The Falcon Mystery Movie Collection On Warner Archive

Out on Warner Archive's DVD-on-demand line is The Falcon Mystery Movie Collection Volume 1. Based on the character Gay Lawrence (aka the Falcon) created by writer Michael Arlen, George Sanders  plays the suave, debonaire, woman-magnet Lawrence, whose fiancé is determined to settle him down. Lawrence, of course, can't help but keep getting drawn into mysteries and intrigue. Sanders and his wisecracking sidekick, played by Allen Jenkins, starred in the first three Falcon movies: The Gay Falcon, about a gang stealing jewelry at fancy soirees, A Date With the Falcon, about a kidnapped scientist who can duplicate diamonds, and The Falcon Takes Over, based on Raymond Chandler's Farewell, My Lovely. The Falcon's brother (played by Sanders' actual older brother, Tom Conway) was introduced in The Falcon's Brother and took over the series in many sequels. Included in this set is The Falcon Strikes Back, The Falcon In Danger and The Falcon And The Co-Eds. Every film on this three-disc, seven-movie set are fast-paced, amusing, last a little over an hour, and are immense fun.

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