3The best front row I've seen at any show so far was at Heatherette. What an eclectic bunch!!!! From old to young, straight to gay, uptown to down. Marc Jacobs was even sitting in the front row! Heatherette shows are always the most most fun. Everyone screams and squeals like children at them. On the catwalk we spied Tinsley Mortimer (her hubby Topper was cheering on!) and Naomi Campbell .

I snapped some of these photos from my seat (also in the front row) so you could see some of the cast of characters I was sitting across from!

FUN, NO?????

From top to bottom:(l-r)

#1 Anne Slater, Topper Mortimer, Stella Keitel, Robert Iler (from the Sopranos)
#2 Bill Cunningham,  Kenny, Kenny, Lauren Ezersky, Patrick McDonald
#3 Lauren Ezersky, Patrick McDonald, Miss Guy, Debbie Harry
#4 Miss Guy, Debbie Harry, Scissor Sisters, Drew Elliott
#5 Brandywine, Brenda A Gogo, Anne Slater


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