What better way to wallow in your Thanksgiving tub than to embrace the wonder of ridiculously oversized winterwear? "Cocoon fashion" is all about embracing your final winter form and dressing it in as many layers as possible, swaddling yourself in a mass of warmth and fuzzies that'll rival your burbling Christmas cheer. Below are our top 10 fashion inspirations for post-holiday glut, because whether you prefer fur or fleece, we've got you covered -- literally and figuratively.

Earmuffs by Yves Salomon

Imagine how adorable you'll look in these super furry earmuffs and how the comfort/warmth factor totally outweighs the very likely possibility that someone will mistake you for an early aughts rave bunny. Unless, I guess, that's the look you're going for.

Coat by Iceberg

You know what would go great with those earmuffs? Uh, a matching polar bear-mallow coat that'll make you look like the iciest bitch since Ivana Trump.

Scarf by Giles photo by Craig McDean / Vogue (Sept 07)

Look at this all-encompassing, scarf meets body wrap in all its obnoxious tangerine, patterned knit glory -- like this...thing could easily be transformed into a full body wrap warmer than a thousand North Faces, if finagled in the right ways (or just serve as the best/worst in-flight carry-on item ever). But the best thing about it is that it's huge and bright, so you'll have no trouble finding it in the party outerwear pile.

photo via Lion Brand Yarn

Or if you prefer a simpler alternative to the giant high-fashion multi-marl, there's always the option of this big three-truck pile up of one solid chunky knit pattern in a super gross color.

Even celebrities like style icon/sexy dad Lenny Kravitz ship this trend -- a perennial cold weather favorite amongst all.

Whatever Dress by 69 Worldwide

PAPER's 2015 Beautiful People 69 are designers who make unisex, gloriously baggy denim clothes for people who want their personal aesthetic to scream "I spit on the grave of skinny jeans. F*ck all y'all." The look above, a shift with giant pockets called the "Whatever Dress," is nothing when it comes to the oversized glory that the brand is capable of. Behold, the button down of your slothful dreams:

Or, if you're in a sassier, mother superior-meets-caped-fever-dream kind of mood, check their denim habits:


Commes Des Garcons practically wrote the book on cartoonish, huge designs and, season after season, Rei Kawakubo delivers with avant fug insansity that belongs in a museum. Her felt collection from 2012, which looked like hulking paper doll cut outs sent from Planet Wut, was a particular highlight and a look we'll be aspiring to these coming cold, short days. For fashion goblins, aliens, vampires and the like who just want to be comfy cozy.

Yes, Thom Browne, hit us with that jacquard Micheline man fug as hard as you can. You are a chic potato in this outfit. You can do anything!

Just roll us down a hill in this. Tumbling, and tumbling, forever enormous and chic.

In Margiela's oversized peacoat, which is roughly the size of a Subaru hatchback, no one can see you, You are just a giant coat with legs. Go forth! Spy on people! Walk by your crush's house. The sky is the XXXXXXL limit.

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