Fashion Week Trend Report: Fanny Packs

Fashion Week Trend Report: Fanny Packs

Perhaps the most prominent item that has transcended boundaries and become a trend for Spring in every city during Fashion Month is... the fanny pack? Yes, indeed. The 80s staple and wearable carry-all has been rising on the streets for a little while now, but now the high fashion world has embraced the once-laughable item and put their own fab, often unconventional, twists on it. Never one to keep things simple, Rick Owens and Fenty x Puma stretched the fanny pack to maximized dimensions, making it an innovative substitute for an overnight bag, while Marc Jacobs embedded theirs with pastel shades and 50s-mod block patterns which were perfectly camouflaged by their accompanying outfits. Peep the season's most fab fanny packs below.

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