Fashion Week Frog Spills the Tea

Fashion Week Frog Spills the Tea

Every fashion month a breakout star emerges, whether it's a hot new designer or newly discovered model. But this season, the biggest surprise no doubt comes in the form a brand new Instagram account dubbed @fashionweekfrog. Their first post was uploaded on September 2, right before the start of NYFW, but it's already amassed a cult following for its candid, too-real, and hilarious memes that fashion insiders and fashion adjacent people can relate to. Read below for a sampling of our favorites, as well as a Q&A with the one and only Fashion Week Frog.

First off, are you anonymous or can you reveal your identity?

It's not a complete mystery, but I will take this opportunity to confirm on the record that this account is a "realistic satire." @fashionweekfrog is a bit more shady and pot-stirring than my actual persona, so I'd prefer to keep them separate, though he and I tend to share a few similar opinions.

[Ed Note: If you're still curious who's behind the popular account, check out the one person they're following on Instagram for a clue]

Can you give us some background info on how this account got started?

I started doing little riffs on them during fashion month a year ago on insta stories and people kept DM'ing me for more. I thought it would be fun to give him an official account this season and a more permanent place for people to come back to. The images come from some existing memes and just weird Kermit pictures on the internet but all the jokes and captions are all me. Right now it feels like everyone in this biz wants to have fun again so if I can make one person laugh every day, then I think I'm making a good contribution.

What makes fashion week bring out the crazy in people?

Fashion month is such a wacky time! Working in this industry is always so exciting. It's fast, fabulous and fun in the day-to-day, but two months out of the year are like the Olympics of this business. We're all rushing around the world to see a million things and shake a million hands each day in the span of a month... and in fancy clothes with a smile on your face the whole time! It takes a physical toll on everyone involved, no matter how effortless we make it look — it's hard.

Why are egos so big in fashion circles?

The entire fashion luxury industry is built on the feeling of being a part of something exclusive. Therefore, it's a little fragile by nature. During the shows, each seat is designated to a specific person based on a criteria approved by each brand. While being excluded definitely can feel quite personal, we are all truly a number. And that's a hard concept to swallow! So during this time, everyone is fighting to make sure their involvement matters and that they feel as equal as to their contemporaries as possible. This can make anyone insane! BUT, it's business and we all have to do the best we can.

Do you plan to run this account outside of fashion month seasons?

Oh for sure. Fashion industry craziness is an evergreen concept, a "carryover style" if you will. But I think the excitement about the relatability of the memes comes from having the same things happen in the memes happen in real life, in real time. People are starting to send me scenarios and submissions for the memes, which is super energizing but I prefer to make them from my own experiences and observations, it turns out more pure and also is a bit therapeutic for me. I just laugh all day.

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