Fashion week started Friday and I actually hit a couple of shows in between all my other crazy chaos at PAPER.  I just couldn't miss Kai Kuehn's show (for the line he calls Myself) Friday evening at the Altman space which Kelly Cutrone (of People's Revolution) has taken over once again. I thought Kai's show was really, really pretty, filled with lots of voluminous silhouettes and curvy cut and seaming experimentations. (See photo at right from  Not everything worked (sometimes the proportions were a bit awkward) but when it did work (and alot of it did) it was GREAT! I really think Kai is talented and can have a great career if he sticks with it. We looked for his collaboration with Evan Yurman this season but the collection was absent of accessories except for amazing s+m platform killer stiletto platforms customized with big bows. After Kai's show, we raced up to the BabyPhat show in the tents, which was actually quite civilized this year.

I won't go to BABYPHAT shows anywhere but the tents these days, otherwise it's just plain scarey and out of control. The show was fun and the audience looked HOTTER than any audience could look in Paris or Milan. Lots of amazing hot looks from hiphopsters creme de la creme. Plus lots of her glittery hello kitty jewels.  Europe, you've got nothin' on this stuff. This is one thing they can't copy from America! They can't do this if they try!!!! And when Kimora and kids came out for the bow they looked over the top, hotter than any designer-star abroad times ten.


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